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Board of Directors

William Blake Recknagle (he/him)
Bridgett Robertson (she/her)
Stephanie Ezzell (she/her)
Catina Sundvall (she/her)
Emma Davis (they/them)
Kristen Clark (she/her)

Members at Payne County Pride 2019 

Our Mission: The mission of the Enid Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Coalition is to serve the needs of our diverse community by building connections and by encouraging acceptance of all.

The Enid LGBT Coalition was formed in 2011 with the intention of gathering like-minded yet unique individuals and using their combined resources, to continuously grow the acceptance of, and celebration of, diversity in our community. Some see ending discrimination as a journey, and some see it as a destination. We believe that bringing people to a place of broader acceptance is a journey, a destination, and our responsibility. In order to most effectively facilitate and deliver the progress our community needs, an educational 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization was formed, and is now known as Enid LGBTQ+ Coalition.

What do we do?

Enid LGBTQ+ Coalition serves Enid and Northwest Oklahoma. Through a variety of educational experiences, people can begin to see that embracing diversity is beneficial to themselves and their community. People don’t become more accepting because someone told them they should. People become more accepting because they themselves have a growth experience with diversity. We look forward to building relationships by demonstrating our commitment to pursue excellence, create unity, and be of service to all members of our community. Enid Lesbian, Gay. Bisexual, and Transgender Coalition strives to serve the public by doing three things.

Contribute, Communicate, and Connect.

Contribute: We enrich our own lives as well as the lives of others when we serve our community and help facilitate improvement all around us. Reaching out and helping those in need demonstrates our belief that when you help one other person or group of people, it has a positive benefit for all. The Coalition membership aims to serve with other help organizations and quality of life improvement efforts whenever possible.


Coalition members delivering pet food donations to Enid SPCA.

Communicate: By communicating with the public and our LGBTQIA community, we educate in order to have a better understanding of each other and ourselves. Understanding is the first step toward acceptance of all. Through public events, continuing education, and open forums, we provide opportunities to share life experiences and knowledge from a variety of sources. Diverse communication gives us a most beneficial point from which to learn.

Connect: By connecting people with the right resources, individuals, or groups, we can play a role in helping them create the life they want. Making the right connections can improve, expand, and enrich any individual experience. Connecting an individual with the community around them broadens relationships and improves the community as well as the individual. Connecting the public with the diversity community, provides the opportunity for everyone to further grow into acceptance.  The Enid LGBTQ+ Coalition connects with the community at large through assistance with grocery deliveries to the elderly, as well as providing ride assistance to those in need of transportation.

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